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PostSubject: Cardinal~DR~   Sat 17 Jun - 18:35

Where are you from ?
I've lived in northern california my entire life (26 yrs), but i've lived in a variety of citys; Biggs, Gridley, Chico, Redding, and currently out in the country outside of Cottonwood.

What are your characters names and classes ?
Brendon Rager Warr/Monk 20
Cardinal Venzke Monk/Ranger 20
Tulla Mur Ranger/Ele 20
Challaise Monard Ritualist/Mesmer 20
Nahyrm Ilm Necromancer/Monk 15

Which guild do you belong to ?

What is your role inside your guild ?
Im pretty new, so i don't really have a role.

What is your playing style ?
In guildwars? I prefer pve to the pvp, but i like Fort Aspenwood. In other mmos, RPK.

What do you do and like IRL ?
Read Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Non-fiction. Watch the history channel. Play Guildwars and UO. Listen to black/doom/death metal. Work out a bit. And play with the dog.
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PostSubject: Re: Cardinal~DR~   Sun 18 Jun - 2:42

Well aparently DR has left the alliance. Not really sure why we suddenly left, but it was good playing with you guys and being part of the alliance.
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