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 Greetings from The Elite of The Elites [EoE]

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Juhgis ~EoE~
Gwenn Companion
Gwenn Companion

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PostSubject: Greetings from The Elite of The Elites [EoE]   Wed 19 Jul - 8:14

Hello everyone!

I'm Juha, 23, and I live in Turku, Finland. I started playing GuildWars when the alpha version was released during the e3 2004. I was so amazed of the graphics and the actual gameplay. Basically there was no chance that I would have heard myself saying "quit playing" or "take a break".

I'm currently playing in EoE (previously in UoR before its members stopped fff and all other activities too) as an officer and I'm also in charge of recruiting. My main goals are to help EoE to keep its faction "by any means necessary" and to show a good example to other players in this alliance and especially in our guild.

In real life I like to spend some quality time with my dearest friends every now and then - f.ex. by having fun [vodka anyone?:].

Some of you may know me already from gallery site. I made a map of Cantha from both world preview event and final version. Anyone who hasn't seen the latest (100%), just check the link below:

Ps. I'm going to update those mission reward signs etc. when I have enough time.
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Folken ~~
Afflicted Wiper
Afflicted Wiper

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PostSubject: Re: Greetings from The Elite of The Elites [EoE]   Wed 19 Jul - 8:54

Oooooh, We have big Fish here people !!!

Welcome Beer

Chris de Valinor [R] - Loyd Firebreath [El] - Feather Godtouch [Mo] - Captain Toothbrush [Me]
Zelda Dawnbringer [W] - Misty Hecatomb [N] - Haseo Twilight [As] - Folken Allmighty [Rt]
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Greetings from The Elite of The Elites [EoE]
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