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 Nery ~God~

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Nery ~GoD~
Gwenn Companion
Gwenn Companion

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Registration date : 2006-07-15

PostSubject: Nery ~God~   Mon 17 Jul - 6:17


My name is Nery, i am 20 years old and from Brasil but live in England at the moment (unfortunately >_<).

Im a regular member from GoD.
My char list :

-Nery Rahl W/
-O Necro N/
-O Monk Mo/
-O Arco R/
-O Elementalist Ele/
-O Ritualist Rt/Storage (only used as storage for the moment)

As you can see not much imagination when it comes to naming my chars nowadays, resaon being...i have completed the game several times with several diferent chars over the months just to delete them after i finish so i can start again (stupid i know but...I GET BORED REALLY REALLY EASILY).

Ive tried everything single thing theres to be done in PvE so i basically dont do it anymore unless it is to help friends or guildies (or in this case alliance members) so dont be afraid to ask if you need a hand, only thing i usually refuse to do is running...hate that nowadays. So what i do is AB, Tombs, UW and sometimes FoW on PvE and Ramdom Arenas for PvP since i still have to find the guild that does GvG more than once a year >_<... im hoping this one does.

I think this is it now...

In real life i love playing football (soccer if you are american), going to the gym and working ( i dont enjoy it but i HAVE to pay the bills >_<). Also dont mind meeting friends once in a while Smile
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Swift ~GoD~
Charr Slayer
Charr Slayer

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Registration date : 2006-07-06

PostSubject: Re: Nery ~God~   Mon 17 Jul - 13:38

Nice Introduction Smile Beer Have a nice Day

Swift The Cunning [W]
Swift Steelarrow [Ra]
Swift Mhenlo [Mo]
Swift Assasination [A]
Swift Of Death [N]

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Melissa Angels ~oOo~
Mursaat Crusher
Mursaat Crusher

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Localisation : Lorraine [57][France]
Registration date : 2006-06-13

PostSubject: Re: Nery ~God~   Mon 17 Jul - 13:45

Welcome Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Nery ~God~   

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Nery ~God~
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