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 Abdel ~ KaiZ ~

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Abdel ~ KaiZ ~
Gwenn Companion
Gwenn Companion

Number of posts : 11
Age : 30
Localisation : Vancouver, WA
Registration date : 2006-06-13

PostSubject: Abdel ~ KaiZ ~   Tue 13 Jun - 1:56

Im a member of The Kaizen Order.
I live in Vancouver, WA.
I'm 17.
When requested by an officer/Gl, i do what they ask, and when no one else wants to do something, I will be the one to do it out of good will Smile .
Many things that are said anywhere, i joke about. SO 90% of the time im joking around, so dont get mad if i offend/upset you : ).
Hobbies include video games and animal science, not much into sports, but im semi good at soccer, baseball, and football. I also like to screw around with my friends, so we go air-softing and paint-balling at least 3 times a month.

Character names are:
Monk of Bhaal Mo/R
Shadowmere Poison R/A
Hareya Nuralanya W/R
Horniges Mesmer M/Rt
Shaider Lexie Rt/ storage

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Folken ~~
Afflicted Wiper
Afflicted Wiper

Number of posts : 399
Age : 38
Localisation : Paris [France]
Registration date : 2006-06-12

PostSubject: Re: Abdel ~ KaiZ ~   Wed 14 Jun - 0:43

Yeah, your jokes will be welcome on the alliance forum ^^

Chris de Valinor [R] - Loyd Firebreath [El] - Feather Godtouch [Mo] - Captain Toothbrush [Me]
Zelda Dawnbringer [W] - Misty Hecatomb [N] - Haseo Twilight [As] - Folken Allmighty [Rt]
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Abdel ~ KaiZ ~
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