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PostSubject: RULES (READ FIRST)   Fri 23 Jun - 1:27

Keep in mind we are not establishing a dictatorship, we are just setting rules to prevent anarchy so that the Alliance wont fall apart (accordingly to our long experience in Alliances).

Alliance & Responsabilities
- Each member of the alliance has to register properly and introduce himself.

- The attitude of a member of the alliance has to be proud, always fairplay, never using insults and always trying to help people; because he has to show the Example.
- Each guildleader has to check regulary the topics in the Guildleaders Meetings section.
- Every GuildLeaders and Officers have the responabilities to make sure their guildies are respecting the rules.
- Every member has to support the alliance in its effort by at last getting 10.000 Kurzick faction points a day.
- Each guild in the alliance has to get and maintain more than 2M faction points.

Alliance channel policies :
Its ok :
- Looking for some help for a mission (after asking in the guild channel).
- Asking about Factions farming activities.
- Talking about an event planned on the forum.
- Jokes, word-play (share it on the forum too).
- Advertising about an announcment on the forum (GuildLeaders only)
Its NOT ok :
Spam (more than 2 times the same message in 5 minutes)
No trades, no selling activities -> forum
No private chat -> forum or PMs or meetings in a GuildHall

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